Supplements to fuel your mind, body, & more.

Premium Cognitive Support


Stay sharp and support cognitive health with our bestselling Mind capsules, a nootropics supplement that boosts energy, alertness, and mental clarity. Our Mind formula supports long-term brain health and can help you process information more quickly.

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Premium Beauty Booster

Hair, Skin & Nails

Encourage healthy and lustrous hair, skin, and nails with our proven blend of fast-acting vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Our passionfruit flavored gummies help reverse signs of aging and keep your hair looking full and healthy.

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Proactive Immunity Defense

Immune+ Organic

This 100% organic formula helps your immune system naturally be strong and active against the bacteria and viruses that want to cause illness. Each extract and powder are carefully chosen to give a natural boost to your immune system without overstimulating you.

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Nourishing & Balanced

Organic Greens

This superfood blend helps bridge the nutritional gaps in your diet, restores and sustains core foundational wellness while promoting detoxification and mental clarity.

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For Deep Restful Sleep


Promote restful sleep with our gentle, yet effective formula designed to transport you to a deep, refreshing slumber that leaves you feeling recharged and ready to go.

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