Why Collagen For Your Hair Will Make It Beautiful

The most abundant protein in the body, collagen makes up your skin, tendons, and ligaments. Your body produces most of it, creating it from the building blocks of amino acids.

In the past, people consumed a lot of collagen. Soup stocks, broths, and gravies were all made from the animal bones, skins, and connective tissue. People consumed at nearly every meal.

However, as more processing came into our food, collagen's thick and heavy texture started being phased out.

And that put us at a disadvantage.

Does Collagen Make Your Hair Strong And Beautiful?

collagenYes, collagen can make your hair strong and beautiful. It can help make curly hair more curly and straight hair thicker.

But, that's only for new hair growth. What's already grown out is no longer alive, and you can't change it from within. (You need other conditioners for that)

Since your hair grows about 2" every six months, you need collagen to make a visible difference over the long term. Fortunately, it's an amazing difference when you see it.

Plus, collagen can help reduce pain from arthritis, build healthy muscle, help keep your bones strong, and improve your digestion.

Collagen Provides Healthy Building Blocks For Strong Hair

collagenWhen you take collagen, it gets broken down into specific amino acids. Many of these amino acids build up into keratin, the primary protein in your hair.

Collagen is very rich in hydroxyproline, an amino acid precursor, and the proline is the main component in keratin.

Although long-term human studies on the effects of collagen on hair growth are lacking (research goes more to diseases), anecdotal reports state taking collagen significantly helped hair growth.

Collagen's Antioxidant Capacity Is Very, Very High

Part of the reason collagen is so good for your hair and body is that it acts as an antioxidant. Free radicals, one of the primary causes of aging, attack fast-growing tissues the most, and your hair is one of the fastest growing portions of your body.

Your hair is susceptible to the free radical attack, and the free radicals cause the hair follicles that grow your hair to become distorted. This means your hair grows unusually – straight where it should be curly and curly where it should be straight – or changes color or thickness. It can also lead to gray hair and thinning, as we'll talk about in a bit.

Some research shows marine-based collagen is one of the essential antioxidants we can consume. One study even suggests it's more potent than the EGCG in tea.

Improving Your Whole Skin With Collagen May Slow Age-related Hair Thinning

collagenYou will notice when you start to take collagen that your skin improves the fastest. Since collagen makes up 70% of the middle layer of your skin, the dermis, you see the results within a couple of weeks.

Collagen improves the elasticity and strength of your skin. That's important because your hair follicles exist in the dermis. By improving the strength and elasticity of your skin, you keep your hair follicles healthy, and that helps produce good hair.

Plus, keeping your skin healthy is anti-aging. Several studies found that people could visibly see fewer wrinkles and other signs of skin aging within just a couple of weeks after taking collagen every day.

Got Gray? Collagen May Help Prevent That

collagenPerhaps the best part is that it can slow graying.

Do to the free radical damage during aging, the cells that create the melanin pigment that gives your hair its color begins to die. Gray hair could be from genetics, free radical damage, or pollution. Studies showed collagen could help improve the antioxidants around the hair follicles and help prevent that aspect of graying hair.

Fortunately, collagen is easy to get into your diet. There are lots of supplements on the market, making it easy to get a good daily dose. You can get different flavors and types to suit your needs.

You can also make it at home. A good stock that contains lots of collagen is as easy as getting stewing bones and simmering them in water for a day. The resulting fluid has a rich taste and will form a gel once cooled. You can kick up the flavor by adding vegetables, different soup bones, and herbs and spices. Adding vegetables and spices helps increase the nutrient value and antioxidant.

Aside from keeping your hair healthy, collagen does a lot to reduce pain and improve your skin elasticity. Give it a try, it's tasty to make yourself and very healthy for you.