Top 6 Reason Why Your Post-Lockdown Weight Loss Isn't Working Fast Enough

You're doing fantastic trying to lose weight, especially if you put on a bit during COVID. Many people found themselves gaining weight! Lots of things factored into this, including stress, changes in routine, and not having work.

Whatever the reason for the COVID 15 (pounds that is), choosing to lose weight benefits you in many ways. Most people feel they look better and feel happier when they lose a little bit of weight. Doctors know losing weight helps reduce blood pressure, depression, anxiety, heart disease, and a tremendous risk for many other health problems.

Keep going! You're already doing good!

Now, let's see what we can do to ramp that up!

Stress & Anxiety – You Need To Relax!

Right now, we can't get away from stress and anxiety, but you can choose whether it controls you or you flow with it.

The big issue is the hormone cortisol. This hormone only activates under stress and encourages us to put on weight. It tells the body we are in danger and to protect ourselves at all costs. That means holding on to extra fat, increasing blood pressure, reducing sleep, and being fidgety. You know those feelings, right?

Meditation, exercise, and low carbohydrate vegetables help tell the body we're safe and don't need the extra cortisol. Only once you start to relax and let the cortisol in your body flow out can you really get a handle on your weight loss.

Just remember, the more you stress out about not losing weight, the harder it will become.

Not Enough Water – Drink More!

water, weight loss

Most people should be getting at least a half-gallon of water per day, even more if you have a slightly more active job or are in a dry environment. Ideally, getting about 6 oz of water per hour that you are awake, or approximately one full gallon, moves you towards optimal health.

This really is water – not soda, juice, coffee, alcohol, or other flavored drinks. When you drink something with sugar, caffeine, or alcohol, your body must work hard to get rid of that extra stuff.

When you start exercising or going on a diet, your body needs extra water. If you don't have enough water, your body can hold on to the extra fat. That makes losing weight exceptionally difficult.

Drinking more water helps you feel full more often, flush the weight and toxins out of your body, and can increase your resting metabolism. And because you're sweating with exercise, drinking the extra water helps replace the fluid you lose through sweating.

Losing Track Of What You Are Doing – Track That Loss!

It's easy to forget your supplements, to drink water, or if you ate that extra bite (or snuck that candy). Think back a little bit, do you remember what you had for lunch four days ago? Probably not.

A food and exercise journal is one essential tool you can have to help you lose weight. It'll keep track of what you eat, how much, when you exercised, and any other piece of information you need to help in that process.

We know it's challenging – it takes time to write down all of that stuff. And, it can get frustrating when you look back and see some of the less than desirable things you've done.

But, looking back can give you encouragement and support. If you keep track of your measurements, such as pant size, you'll notice a significant change. Or, you might notice that your overall eating habits have improved or that you're sleeping more often.

Keeping track of the powerful tool that will keep you moving in the right direction.

You're Too Relaxed – Get Out More!

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If you're like me, you just can't exercise at home. Believe me, I tried. Different types of videos, programs, apps, and I even hired a personal trainer! It didn't work because I was home, and home is a place of safety and relaxation.

It's only when I chose to join the gym that I consistently exercised again (I fell off the bandwagon when everything shut down).

If you're having problems consistently exercising, you may need to get out of the house. This could be something as simple as joining a friend on a walk or going to a gym. The act of getting dressed and leaving the house put you in a different mindset to get ready to lose weight.

Wrong Type Of Diet or Exercise (Probably Both) – Match What You Need

Not many people really like aerobic exercise, but it is one of the best exercises for some type of people. When you do your exercises, ask yourself how you feel. When you leave class, you should feel energized, even if you're a bit tired.

But, if you feel drained, worn out, and dreading the next class, you might be doing the wrong type of exercise for your body type.

The same thing goes for your diet. When you eat, you should feel content and comfortable. If you feel bloated, tired, or feel like you need a nap about 2 hours later, that's your body saying you ate the wrong type of food. It might taste good, but it's not benefiting your body.

Switch things up and try different things. If you enjoy yoga but need cardio, alternate classes between cardio and yoga. That way, you get what you enjoy and what your body needs.

The same thing is true for your diet. If some of your favorite foods make you feel worn out and sluggish, keep them for special occasions and focus your diet on things that make you feel good.

When you match the right diet and the right exercise, the weight comes off quickly.

Poor Sleep Habits – Sleep More, Sleep Peacefully!

Your body re-energizes and recovers during sleep. But, if you're not getting good sleep, that recovery doesn't take place.

sleep, weight loss

Today, many people use their electronics right up until they try and go to sleep. But, studies have shown that using electronics triggers the brain into suppressing melatonin, as if it's the middle of the day. This keeps your mind active. Additionally, anxieties and day-to-day stresses can keep you awake.

Try setting up a routine to avoid electronics 2 hours before bed and start a simple meditation to de-stress. It can work wonders!

This is a complex topic that we're going to go into more detail in a future article, so stay tuned!


Wrapping up, we know lots of things changed during the lockdown. We're all trying to get back on the right track. Take a look at what is going on. If you're not losing weight as you should, try a few of these tips to get you on the right track.