Shaving Dilemmas - How To Avoid Dry Skin

It's awful... right after you shave you get the dry patches, the flaking skin, and the look of you just shaved.

Do you want your skin looking nice and soft, but don't know how to do it without all the moisturizers and creams and time and work?

It is possible to have nice looking skin and legs by taking care of your body before you shave.

Help! Why Does My Skin Get So Dry After Shaving?

dry skin, shavingWe're going to go over several reasons why your skin gets dry when you shave. And to do it, we're going to take lessons from the 1800s, when professional barbers shaved men.

  1. Do it in the morning

Your skin is tighter in the morning. It hasn't been exposed to the work of the day and developed the puffiness and moisture buildup from being exposed to the elements and continued walking around.

That means you'll get a closer shave and lower irritation.

  1. Drink more water

Your skin responds to how much water you're drinking. Fully hydrated skin is soft, smooth, and easily manipulated. If you don't have enough water, the dehydrated skin is tough and easily nicked.

  1. Choose your moisturizer wisely

Most moisturizers on the market are petroleum-based. While they do provide momentary softness, in the long run, they dry your skin out more. Choose a natural, food-based oil moisturizer (think walnut or sesame oil, shea butter, coconut oil, etc.) to help your skin retain the natural moisture it has. Most of these are higher-end and a little bit more expensive. But, they are also higher in retinol and vitamin E, both of which are proven to help your skin looking young.

  1. Exfoliate Before Shaving

Wash your skin well and used a loofah or dry brushing to remove excess dead skin cells. Most of the time, the reason your skin looks dry and flaky is the dead skin cells are now standing up and peeling off rather than laying flat. When you use a moisturizer after you shave, it just lays everything back down again.

The old-time barbers would lay a steaming hot towel with a few perfumes on it to help soften the hair follicles, but it also helps exfoliate the skin.

  1. Go Circular Or Sideways Motion

We know, the commercial show you go straight up the leg. But, if you want a soft and gentle shave, go sideways. This works better with your natural skin and still removes the hair. The old-time barbers didn't go directly against the hair grain, but came at it from an angle.

Why Moisturizing Isn't Enough

dry skin, shavingWe know this takes a little more time, but these steps give you a better shave and keep your skin healthier.

You may be tempted just to use a moisturizer, and even if you choose a good one, it might not be enough.

Your skin needs to be healthy from the outside in. That means getting plenty of water to keep hydrated and the right nutrients.

Your body needs plenty of healthy fats, such as omega-3 fatty acids and healthy vitamins and minerals. Plus, it needs the right type of protein, and we have a great article on collagen for your hair and skin that highlights exactly why that is.

How To Shave And Not Get Dry Skin

If you're going to shave and not have dry skin, you have to take the time to do it right. It all starts with drinking enough water and getting the proper nutrients. It takes time to nourish your skin in between shaves to make the single act of shaving better.

Fortunately, your skin replace itself every three to four weeks, meaning getting in more water and healthy food will show up pretty quickly.

Then, when you do shave, take your time, exfoliate, shave sideways, and moisturize to keep your skin looking healthy.

When you combine nourishing and hydrating your skin from within and being gentle to your skin from the outside, you can keep your skin looking healthy and soft no matter what's happening.