Lower Your High Blood Pressure Naturally And Quickly - 5 Daily Tips You Can Actually Do Today

Your blood pressure makes a huge difference in so many aspects of your life. More people have a high blood pressure than nearly every other disease out there.

But, your blood pressure is dynamic, changing all the time. It responds to how you perceive the world, what you eat, and what you do. So, even if you have high blood pressure, there are certain things you can do right now to get it lower. And by getting it lower, you can avoid many health complications.

Take Time For Meditation or Prayer

lower high blood pressureMany people don't take time to relax. In a world where the pressure to continuously do is on us all the time, taking a few minutes just to relax and be with ourselves seems selfish and unreasonable.

But it's not. Taking a few minutes for relaxation, especially when combined with meditation or prayer, is one of the best things you could do to lower your blood pressure. Moreover, it's backed by science.

And it's actually relatively easy to do.

Start with 5 minutes. Carve 5 minutes out of your day to sit and be still. If you're fairly religious, many of the prayers recited have a meditative quality. Choose a few of them and practice them, focusing solely on the words and how they make you feel.

If that doesn't work for you, the simplest meditation is simply sitting and watching your breath. Concentrate fully on how you feel and what you experience breathing in and breathing out. Or search the internet for a 5-minute or 10-minute meditation. There are hundreds of them.

As you grow used to the quiet time, take a few more moments for yourself and increase your time. But, even if all you do is carve out several 5-minute periods, it will greatly improve your health.

Eat A Diet Rich In Fruits and Vegetables

lower high blood pressureAside from stress, the biggest cause of high blood pressure is eating a diet with far too much salt and far too many chemicals. And that comes from eating too many processed foods.

Simply switching anything from a box over the fruits and vegetables will significantly reduce salts and chemicals while increasing nutrition and the quantity of food you eat.

You can be healthier, lose weight, lower your blood pressure, and help reduce the incidence of other diseases just by making this one simple switch. You know you should be eating more veggies, so getting started can make a huge difference.

Practice Gratitude

lower high blood pressureIn different studies, people who say 'thank you' more often and practice gratitude tend to be happier, have lower stress, and be healthier.

Despite the popular adage, people who tend to be grumpy or critical have more health problems and do not live as long.

Gratitude is amazingly simple to do, just say the words 'thank you.'

You can also practice meditation with gratitude. During your meditation, begin listing out things that you are grateful for. It can start simply with where you live, your family, and your ability to access information, like this article. As you practice, you'll find more and more things to be grateful for.

And as you begin recognizing everything you can be grateful for, life will seem much better.

Drink More Water

lower high blood pressureWhen you are dehydrated, your blood gets thicker. When your blood gets thicker, your heart has to work harder to move things around, increasing your blood pressure.

Most people only drink about half of the amount of water they need to truly be healthy. Ideally, you should be getting a little bit more than a gallon every day, but even if you start with just adding one cup, it will help you out.

And this really does need to be water. Juices, soda, alcohol, coffee, and sports drinks contain way too many sugars or other components that dehydrate you.


lower high blood pressureAnd finally, one of the best ways to burn off stress is to exercise. This may be the fastest way to lower your blood pressure, as it significantly helps alter the hormones that cause stress, particularly cortisol.

Exercise also taps into several other points here, including taking time for yourself and increasing the amount of water you drink. Many times, people eat better because they combine exercise with losing weight.

It's simple to start exercising, just go for a walk. Start going as far as you can and build from there. Exercising does not require a complex aerobics routine, but anything you enjoy that gets you moving.

We hope you take these five tips and start implementing it into your life. These are simple, but building a habit of practicing them every day is the challenge. Once you do, you'll reap the benefits of being healthier.