It's Time To Cut Off Your Quarantine Hair

We avoided the hair salons for so long, terrified of catching the infection while we get our haircut. When the businesses finally reopened, many people flocked back to get their cut, perm, and style.

But many didn't. If you're one of the people that have been worried about getting your haircut, we want to encourage you to get out and fulfill your needs.

The Hair Salons Are Open for Business!

During the lockdowns, small businesses hurt the worst. Small shops such as hair salons took a considerable beating, losing all of their revenue and none of their bills. Many of the businesses collapsed and many hairdressers permanently lost work.

Now that things are open again, we recommend seeking out these smaller shops, going to your favorite salon, and talking with your hairdresser. The cleanliness procedures are in place to keep you safe.

And, in reality, your hair salon was probably one of the cleanest places you patronized, to begin with. Over the years, health officials enacted specific health requirements to stop the spread of bacteria, viruses, and fungus. That jar on the counter with the blue liquid is a disinfectant. Your hairdresser is required to wipe things down between customers and has been for years.

Getting Out To Look Good

The lockdowns kept us at home, so many people stopped paying attention to their routine self-care. Now it's time to get back to styling and looking good, but as your hair grew out, it probably got a little scraggly.

Cutting and shaping your hair into a nice style gives you a polished look of someone that takes care of themselves. Even the simplest of styles, ones that take just a couple of moments per day to do, can make you feel fantastic.

And your stylist can take a look at some of the things you might not see on a day-to-day basis. They'll give your hair a deep clean, washing out many of the build-up products, dirt, and natural oils. Your stylist can take a look at your scalp, as your scalp health is an indication of your overall body health. If your hair has a different texture and condition, such as growing out a different color, thickness, or brittleness, it could indicate a deeper health condition you might not have noticed.

But, that's one of the things you can't see yourself.

It's All About Feeling Good

Getting your haircut, especially a good cut by a good stylist, supports your overall health, both mentally and physically. It's like shedding the old and getting something new.

When you look at yourself and see that new haircut, it can boost your self-esteem and mood for the day. It's not a cure-all for depression or the blues, but it can give you a little pick-me-up, especially after the lengthy lockdown.

“Our hair can help make us feel better about ourselves, but it doesn’t inherently hold any magical power,” says Rebecca Newman, a psychotherapist based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A hair cut is not going to eliminate depression and shouldn’t be used as an excuse for a drastic change.

And this is a little step in your own self-care management. You do need time for yourself to recharge, reinvigorate yourself, and create the changes you want in your life. Not giving yourself this time can lead to burnout, illnesses, and depression.

Your haircut is more than just cutting hair.

Into the Future

Once you find a good stylist, keep going.

The one thing you'll find reflected in your hair right now is that there will be a change in the quality of your hair from the past year. Cortisol has an incredibly powerful effect on the follicles of your hair, and your overall health and behavior influence cortisol production. Cortisol is the hormone that is produced under stress, and we were under a lot of stress.

You'll probably find your hair changes its curling pattern, maybe getting a little bit more or a little less. You might even find you have more body in your hair growth because your hair will grow thicker but slower. People who are transitioning to gray will find changes there, too. Some have found more gray hairs, and some have found less.


That's why it's important to get your haircut regularly. As this section of your hair grows out, your stylist will be able to maintain a well-looking shape and avoid highlights. Plus, you'll be helping a local business stay in business and establish a relationship that could last well into the future and keep your hair looking great as time passes.