Got A Party Coming Up? Try These Herbs To Curb Your Sugar Cravings

Parties are just synonymous with junk food, sugary cookies, and cake, plus ice cream, beer, and hamburgers and hotdogs, and you just got a super sugar-loaded meal that can absolutely crash a diet.

Even if you're not dieting, it can still be quite uncomfortable and throw your body through the wringer.

You don't need to miss the party, you can go and enjoy yourself. Having that little bit of extra control can mean massive serving sizes are taken down to small taste.

The small taste of what you enjoy gives you the rich flavors and community bonding you want, without impacting your waistline.

Why You Want To Control Yourself At A Party

If you're diabetic, parties are filled with food that you really shouldn't eat. Even for people who are not diabetic, parties can be overloaded with too much sugar. They can make you feel tired and worn-down and even cause cravings for sugar for the next couple of days.

Try These Herbs To Help Keep Sugar Under Control

Some herbs can help your body stop craving sugar. The rich taste of the herbs can make the sugary foods seem far too sugary and help you resist temptation better. They're not going to prevent you from eating the sugary foods, you will have to have self-control, but they can give you a little boost, something that will get you over the hurdles.


sugar cravingsCinnamon adds an earthy flavor to foods, giving a richness that brings in more astringent and bitter taste. That helps cut through the sugar. And, cinnamon helps with blood sugar levels. Studies show that consuming cinnamon regularly can reduce insulin spikes that lead to more cravings and overeating.

Using a cinnamon supplement may be able to help, as does eating food seasoned with cinnamon.


Another very warm herb, cloves are packed with antioxidants, anthocyanins, and the active component eugenol. Because of its anti-inflammatory effect, he can help reduce pain and irritation from digestive inflammation and joint irritation. Some studies showed using clove supplements can significantly reduce blood sugars, triglycerides, and cholesterol.

Fortunately, clove is a featured spice in chai tea, and this drink can help reduce your desire for sugary foods.

Gymnema sylvestre

This is an amazing herb that you can get that specifically works in your mouth to help control sugar cravings. Several of the compounds in Gymnema bind to the taste receptors in your mouth for sugar.

That means you cannot taste the sugar in the foods you eat. And when you can't taste the sugar, the food just seems bland. It lasts about 40 minutes, which can give you enough time at a party to eat the healthier foods that fill you up.


sugar cravingsOne of the most popular herbal medicines for mental health, ginseng can also help your whole body. Aside from helping reduce stress and improving your performance, it can also help lower blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes. With lower blood sugar levels, you crave sugar more often.

Some of these herbs are supplements, some of them are foods you can eat. When you combine what works for you and a plan to eat healthy at a party, you can keep your sugar cravings under control and that can help you keep your figure… and maybe even lose a little weight.