Get Rid of Flabby Arms With These Three Exercises

Flabby arms are the worst! They look horrible in pictures and just feel odd.

But, it's one of the hardest things to get rid of on your body, especially after losing some weight.

What can you do about it?

Why Do I Have Flabby Arms!

Your arms might be the toughest part of your body to lose weight from. This is because the tricep area, or the back of your arm, usually doesn't get much activity during the day, and it's not a muscle that really forms much definition.

Additionally, that area of your body needs a little bit more protection. The layer of fat your body puts there keeps an additional layer of protection for your ribs and back.

It's protective, just not comfortable or good looking.

If you had a little bit more weight, you probably found your arms gaining fat, and it wasn't something you easily lost. Losing other places was easier, and good job for that!

But, there are exercises you can do. It takes a little bit more work and some concentrated effort, but you can tone up your arms and make it look good.

Three Exercises For Flabby Arms

You've probably heard of these exercises, but you didn't know why you're doing them or why they weren't working.

And, you might not have done them entirely correct. You have to work the right muscle to get the toning. But it's hard, and many stronger muscles can take care of the work. You might not be working the tricep at all if you didn't do these the right way.

Let's take a look at these exercises and how to do them correctly.

Tricep Extensions

You know this one, where hold a weight over you and it drops behind (see the video). The main point is to keep the weight under your control and use your triceps to pick up the weight.

It's an exercise specifically for the tricep and a good one.

The key aspect of this exercise is that you keep your shoulder down and relaxed.

If you pick your shoulders up or tense your back, pulling more effort through your rotator cuff and back muscles to extend your arms.

By keeping your shoulders down, you move pressure out of your back and into your arm. You might not be able to pick your arm up as far, but you directly work the tricep.

Give it a try – really focus on relaxing your back and your shoulder and see how much work it puts into your arms.

Lateral Raises (Rear Delt Raises)

There's three types of lateral raises depending on which way your palm faces. Most of the time, your palms will face straight down. This is a shoulder exercise.

You want to choose your palm facing backward. Although this exercise still primarily goes through the shoulder, you are now relying on your tricep to keep your lower arm extended out. This forces the whole shoulder and arm assembly to work together as one to lift your arm.

As you get tired, you'll probably find your arm turning down or even your palm facing forward. As your palm faces forward, you put the work into your bicep, which takes all the pressure off your tricep.

Reverse Tricep Curls

Tightening up the muscle as you did in the tricep extension is excellent for building strength. You can build tone by doing the opposite.

Using a heavyweight, do a regular bicep curl. That's one of the typical bodybuilder exercises where you curl your arm with the weight.

The exercise starts when you let it go. Most of the time, bodybuilders will simply relax and let the weight fall. But, if you control the descent, really working into the muscle and keeping it slow and controlled, you put more effort into the tricep.

The bicep can only let go at a specific rate, and it depends on the tricep to counterbalance the movement. This fine control is what helps build your muscles.


These three exercises will go a long way to help get rid of the flabby upper arms you have. Of course, it's not the fastest of training, and you don't see very many results quickly. It's just the nature of the muscle and the skin around it. But, if you keep up with it, not only will your muscles improve, but so your health as you get more exercise than every day.