Eat This, Don't Eat That - Five Changes You Can Do Right Now To Prevent Weight Gain This Summer

You're supposed to put on weight in the wintertime, not the summer, right? But, maybe you found last year it didn't quite work that way.

Putting on weight in the summer is common, even if you are doing more activities and spending more time outside.

Let's look at a couple of things you can start doing right now to help keep the weight off this summer and maybe even lose a little bit.

Drink More Water – Not Sweet Tea

weight gainIn the summertime, sweet tea or sweetened iced tea is very popular. But, it isn't very good for your waistline.

Packed with sugar that does nothing for you, sweet tea tastes good and makes you cool off a little bit, but it packs on the pounds.

That doesn't mean you can't have it at all. It just means you should pay attention to how often you have it. Keep it as a small, occasional treat.

And stick to drinking water. It doesn't have to be plain water, you can flavor it in different ways that don't add lots of sugars or pack on the pounds.

Eat Fruit, But Don't Go Crazy

fruitFruit is incredibly healthy, packed with antioxidants and vitamins that do your body a world of good. You should eat 1 to 3 servings per day.

But, if you start doing more than that or you're only choosing very sweet fruits, you'll likely gain weight. Because although fruits do have a lot of nutrients, it also has a lot of sugar. And sugar is the fastest way to pack on the pounds.

Keep eating your fruits, but make sure you're also getting plenty of vegetables.

Go Easy On The Beer and Drinks

beerPopping open a can or a bottle of beer is a typical sight in the summer, but one that does nothing for your health.

Beer contains nearly no nutrients, just alcohol and flavor. Occasionally, that's just fine.

But, if you start having beer every day or more than the recommended 8 oz per day, you're going to start packing on the pounds.

If you do choose to drink beer, we recommend local beers from small craft breweries. Some of the sediment and yeast remain in the beer, enhancing the flavor and providing B vitamin nutrients and beneficial yeast. Some very tentative studies show this yeast might help lower cholesterol. But, if you drink more than 8 oz a day, you lose the health benefit.

Don't Overeat At The Cookouts and Parties

How many times have you gone home absolutely stuffed after a cookout?

We all have, even doctors, nutritionists, and people who really should know better.

Most of the time, there's so much food and variety at the parties that you just keep picking at the food. But, if you're not paying attention, you'll really end up over-stuffing yourself.

When you do this, your body stores more of the food you eat, and it stretches your stomach. So, the next time you eat, the same amount of food doesn't feel like it's enough.

You can ignore the typical recommendations, like eating before you go to a party, that doesn't work. But, do pay attention to how much you're taking. And stop when you're full.

Keep Up With Your Exercise Routine

runningMost people taper off on their regular exercise routine in May and June. Many gyms find their memberships decreasing at this time.

But, if you're expecting your yard work, gardening, or summer activities to take its place, chances are, you're going to lose muscle and gain weight.

These yard work and gardening activities and even a lot of summer activities do take a lot of energy, and you can feel like you put in a massive workout after doing them. But, they're not done consistently enough to be considered exercise.

Keep up with your regular exercise routine and add in these extra activities. It could give you the little extra boost you need to lose those winter pounds and put on tremendous amounts of muscle.

A lot of these are simple choices to make in your everyday life. Drink more water, watch what you eat, and keep exercising. Those are the keys to good health.