Could Your Coffee Be Causing Wrinkles To Appear Faster?

If you love your morning cup of coffee and then pick up a bottle of anti-wrinkle cream, the two are probably canceling each other out.

Coffee can cause your wrinkles to appear faster, drying out your skin and blocking your body from building essential building blocks that keep your skin looking smooth and beautiful.

Let's take a look at what's going on and what you can do about it.

The Hype & Mystery To Get You To Stop Drinking Coffee

coffee, wrinklesExperts do a bunch of pushing and pulling when it comes to coffee. I'm sure you've heard everything from warnings to drink no coffee to reports that say drinking up to five cups of coffee is ideal.

What's the truth?

The truth depends on what you look at. When we're looking at wrinkles, only an occasional cup of coffee gives you the results of smooth skin. Anymore – and you increase the risk of wrinkles.

But, people get a lot of antioxidants from coffee and caffeine that help give a mental boost. For that, studies show drinking two, three, and as much as five cups of coffee a day are beneficial.

We're sure that can be confusing because we're confused ourselves, at times. So, if you like coffee, enjoy it. But, like everything else, don't go overboard. Don't let it push out healthy foods or drinks that truly benefit you.

Could Coffee Be Good For You?

coffee, wrinklesThe caffeine in coffee can help give you mental clarity. Study after study shows caffeine helps boost mental performance, mental acuity, and behavior between two and four hours after drinking coffee. In addition, many people know they feel more awake and alert when drinking coffee.

It's one of the reasons that it’s the top choice beverage for truck drivers and commuters.

Caffeine sticks around in your system for at least six hours, but that means if you drink it later in the afternoon, it can impact your ability to sleep overnight.

The caffeine in coffee helps dilate your blood vessels. However, it should not be relied on as a treatment, because you can build up a tolerance to caffeine, making it less effective.

For many people with low blood pressure, a morning cup of coffee helps relieve dizziness and fatigue first thing in the morning. Unfortunately, caffeine increases your blood pressure and heart rate. For people who have high blood pressure, this is detrimental. But, it can be a wonderful way to get you going in the morning for people with low blood pressure.

And coffee has a lot of antioxidants. And even this comes with conditions. Only fresh-ground coffee contains those antioxidants. What you get in coffee shops and from pre-ground coffee, such as from a can or a Keurig, no longer has nearly the amount of antioxidants.

What Coffee Is Doing For Your Skin

coffee, wrinklesSo, while coffee does some good for your body, it doesn't do so well for your skin. So far, nothing about coffee benefits your skin.

Caffeine is a diuretic, which means it helps your kidneys pull water out of your system to get rid of it. A single cup of coffee isn't too bad, the effects can be offset with drinking a little bit more water. But, if you drink several cups of coffee, it can cause you to become dehydrated.

Dehydrated skin wrinkles easier and can be damaged by the sun faster. If you drink several cups of coffee during the day, you have to drink even more water to offset the effects.

Caffeine also slows your ability to heal. This is because it can delay and reduce your body's ability to build collagen, the structural component of your skin that helps keep it looking smooth and strong. Without being able to produce collagen properly, it can increase scarring and other imperfections.

And that says nothing about the sugar and additives that are added to coffee. Ideally, you should be drinking your coffee black. But adding sugar and artificial flavorings introduces potential carcinogens and carbohydrates your body doesn't need.

So, should you drink coffee? If you're looking at having smooth, clear skin, coffee is not in your best interest. But, it can give other benefits. If you balance one or maybe even two cups of coffee with drinking more water, taking care of your skin, and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, you can help keep your skin clear and good-looking while enjoying your coffee.