What Does CoQ10 Toner Do?

Finding the best toner for your skincare routine can be pretty challenging, especially since they all claim to be the best at clearing out your pores and evening out your skin tone. But what about CoQ10 toner, which supposedly has even more health benefits for your skin?

Today, let’s break down what CoQ10 toner does, how it works, and whether you should prioritize this ingredient in your skincare products.

What Is CoQ10?

CoQ10 or coenzyme 10 is one of the most important enzymes naturally produced by your body. In fact, it’s so vital that it’s found in every cell in all the tissues of your body.

What exactly is a coenzyme? Coenzymes are substances that help other enzymes activate. In many cases, coenzymes are necessary for regular enzymes to operate. Without coenzymes, life as we know it may not exist.

More specifically, CoQ10 is necessary for cellular energy production. This provides several wellness benefits and effects throughout the body, including within your skin cells.

CoQ10 is an antioxidant and an important compound that helps to neutralize free radical molecules (unstable molecules that lack one electron to remain in a stable state). If left unchecked, free radicals can cause havoc throughout your body by interfering with other stable molecules and causing damage to the cells they make up. Antioxidants help to neutralize free radicals by sharing or donating an electron to them.

Our bodies normally produce plenty of CoQ10 when we are in the prime of our lives. However, as we get older, our bodies produce less of this crucial coenzyme. Over time, this leads to several negative effects:

  • Our bodily tissues stop functioning as perfectly
  • Free radicals become more prevalent, leading to more regular inflammation or cell damage
  • Our bodies become less efficient
  • Our minds become slower, possibly leading to memory problems

Some scientists believe that these effects drive most aging effects, like wrinkles or aging spots.

CoQ10’s Skin Benefits

While your skin doesn’t just use CoQ10, it does provide several skin-specific benefits when your body has enough of it or when you use toners and other skincare products with CoQ10 as an active ingredient.

Wrinkle Reduction

Many wrinkles are formed due to cellular degradation over time. In a nutshell, your skin cells become less adept at producing collagen and elastin and don’t replicate as perfectly as they did when you were younger.

Given enough time, this could lead to the formation of wrinkles: a common aging side effect. Because CoQ10 is a vital antioxidant and provides your skin cells with energy directly, it could help delay the appearance of wrinkle formation.

Alternatively, it may also cause any wrinkles that do appear to be less deep or severe. In this way, CoQ10 could lead you to see rejuvenating effects if you use a toner or other skincare product with CoQ10 as a core ingredient.

Protects Against Irritation

Naturally, CoQ10 offers protection because of its role as an antioxidant.

Discomfort is a natural bodily process and response to injury, but it’s also a natural response to other bodily processes like digestion or tissue growth. However, too much irritation can destabilize or damage tissues surrounding a specific area.

As an antioxidant, CoQ10 may help ease excess irritation and neutralize free radicals throughout your body and skin. This may help your skin to become less irritable or rash-prone over time, although note that CoQ10 is not a wonder drug or one-size-fits-all solution for skin problems in and of itself.

Skin Cell Boosts

More generally, CoQ10 may help energize your skin cells by giving them the boost they need to function at their best.

Simply put, every single cell in your body requires a certain amount of energy to function at peak efficiency. This includes keratinocytes (skin cells that make keratin) or fibroblasts (skin cells that make collagen).

Since your body produces less CoQ10 as it gets older, your skin cells also see less energy and less mitochondrial activity. CoQ10 toners and other skincare products may give your skin cells (specifically their mitochondria) exactly what they need to energize themselves and repair from daily stress or wear and tear.

Put another way, CoQ10 can be thought of as fuel for your skin cells, helping them look and feel younger than they actually are.

How CoQ10 Helps Toner

So, how does this all relate to toner with CoQ10?

As you may already know, toner is a vital part of a holistic, well-rounded skincare routine. First, you use a cleanser to clear away surface-level dirt and debris. Then you'll use a toner to penetrate deep into the pores and help tone your skin while reducing the likelihood of blemishes or aging spots.

When combined, cleansers and toners can thoroughly cleanse your skin. It can help prepare your skin so that a moisturizing cream can help hydrate your skin afterward.

CoQ10 can be an excellent ingredient in toner products. Because toner penetrates deep into the pores of your skin, any CoQ10 contained within the formula is delivered straight to the roots of your skin pores.

Should You Use a CoQ10 Toner?

In general, you don’t need to use a toner with CoQ10 in any special or specific way. Just use it like any other toner you’d use in your skincare cabinet.

That means following a well-rounded skincare routine including:

  • Using a cleansing product first to clear away dirt and debris. Hope Health’s Cleanse gel cleanser contains glycolic acid and antioxidants to help improve skin texture and tone.
  • Then using a toner, and only as often as recommended by your dermatologist. Hope Health’s Tone CoQ10 toner helps combat free radicals, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and improve skin tone.
  • Then using a moisturizer to restore moisture to your skin and seal in the good stuff from the toner.
  • You may also want to use a face serum for extra vitamins and minerals

Like with all toners, you don’t want to use a CoQ10 toner too often since you may accidentally dry out your skin or irritate its pores.

When To Use CoQ10 Toner

You can use CoQ10 toner at the same time as you would use any regular toner. For many people, this is the beginning of the day; it helps to clear out your pores from any sweat or debris that may have accumulated during the night.

However, you may also wish to use your CoQ10 toner closer to bedtime. In this way, you can tone your skin and clear away dirt and dead skin cells before leaving them to rest on your skin overnight. Just be sure to use a moisturizer so you can fall asleep properly – dry skin can prevent you from sleeping, even with sleep gummies!


Ultimately, CoQ10 toner is some of the best you can use for long-term skin health. If you’re in the market for a new toner product, try to find one that includes this vital ingredient.

Alternatively, make sure that your supplements include this coenzyme or that your diet includes plenty of antioxidants. Not sure which supplements to choose? Check out Hope Health’s collection of organic, antioxidant-packed supplements today!


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