5 Exercises That Make You Sleep Better Without Waking Up Sore

Are there some mornings you wake up sore? You know, that deep ache in your body of something quite right? Some get it from arthritis, others from autoimmune issues. Some know that feeling from past injuries.

Your doctor might have told you exercise will help your body, but then you tried it and you woke up sore and tired, and you can't imagine how this kind of pain will help the other kind of pain.

We've been there, we know that feeling.

It really isn't a pleasant sensation, when you go to bed tired and wake up the next morning just as tired, but this time sore. It shouldn't take effort to get out of bed.

Let's look at a couple of things that you can start doing right now that will help your body get rid of the pain, lose the weight, and make you feel better - without making you wake up the following day sore.

Sun Salutations from Yoga

Yoga is very gentle on most people's body, and one of the first sequences of moves in yoga is the Sun salutation. It lets you stretch out your legs, back, and arms quickly while also giving your core and legs a good workout.

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One of the key features of this exercise is its ability to help increase lung capacity, blood flow, and, even more importantly, lymph flow. One of the problems with exercise is clearing out the lactic acid and other waste build-up after exercise. The sun salutation helps remove that.

You can do the sun salutation first thing in the morning or at the beginning and end of your exercise. It's excellent to help stretch to get you ready and to help your muscles cool down. And because it helps clear out toxins and increase blood flow, it can help you recover faster.


Walking is a very easy way to get out and get your body moving. Even if you start slow and short, walking helps increase your leg strength and improve your posture. As you go longer and farther, it can become a whole-body workout as your core stabilizes your upper body and your breathing improves.

This is also one of the fastest ways to see an improvement in your exercise program as you watch yourself go farther and farther every day.

Box Breathing

While not a specific exercise, you can increase your heart rate and lung capacity by doing focused breathing. Box breathing is taught by meditation experts, the military, and in-depth exercise programs.

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The basic form is to breathe in for a count of four, hold for a count of four, breathe out for a count of four, and hold for a count of four.

If you have stress, anxiety, or depression, this particular breathing is perfect for helping you get a handle on your physiological response, calming your heart and breathing to give you control.

Slow Resistance Training

When you use bands, light weights, or other ways of providing resistance during your exercises, you encourage your muscles to work harder with less strain. Even a tiny amount of resistance increases the effectiveness of exercise.

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Fortunately, resistance training works best the slower you do it. Very controlled movements let you focus on specific muscles and proper joint alignment, so you don't hurt yourself.

With thousands of videos available, we recommend you check out some to add to your exercise routine.


If you enjoy swimming, it can be one of the most enjoyable forms of exercise. The water helps support your body and provides resistance. Although some swimming can be pretty intense, gently moving through the water can be a great exercise without putting a tremendous strain on your body.

Water is healing for the body, and being submerged does amazing things for us. For people with arthritis, swimming is much gentler on the bones and joints than other types of exercises.

For people with asthma, swimming reduces the stress on the lungs, allowing you to exercise longer and harder. The humid environment helps reduce flare-ups, although you need to be careful, as excessive exposure to pool chemicals may increase your risk.

And just being in the water helps you sleep. Swimming is a very energy-demanding activity, even if you feel more energized and happier in the water. Plus, that happy feeling can carry over to the rest of your day, making you enjoy life a bit more.


Try out some of these exercises to help you get your workout in without waking up sore in the morning. You'll feel better overall!