5 Best Free Apps To Help You Work Out More Often And Get More Out Of Your Workout

Trying to lose weight can be difficult. Do you go to the gym? Get a trainer?

How do you know what exercises to do and what day?

Hundreds of programs float out there on the web, all promising massive results. But, which ones really work?

And then, you have to choose between a video, booklet, page description, or an app.

It's confusing, and if you're looking for some answers, we can help.

We took over the web and found some of the best workout apps to help you do your workout more regularly and get more out of what you do.

Can An App Really Help You To Workout More Often?

There's one massive critical issue you need to face.

  • How do you best workout?
  • Do you need somebody holding your hand, giving you accountability?
  • Do you need a program put together by someone else?
  • Are you a self-starter, able to work out on your own, you're just looking for a little variety?

Apps work best for people who are more independent and like the flexibility to choose different routines whenever they wish. Apps give you the flexibility to go everywhere.

But, if you need somebody to help give you accountability, apps might not work for you.

Some of these apps give you reminders to do your workout, but it's up to you to actually do them.

So, if you are one of the people that can dedicate yourself to using the app regularly and following its advice, these can make your workout perfect.

But, if you need a little bit more accountability, we recommend finding a personal trainer, someone who can see through the excuses to get you into your workout

Which Apps Are Best?

Here are the top five apps for self-starters and people who want a little bit of direction to get their workout going.

Map My Fitness by Under Armour

The company Under Armour produced one of the best community apps to help give you motivation and a sense of community. You can join the community, share your workout routine, get advice, and have the sense of belongingness we lost when the gyms closed.

One of the best things about this app is there are challenges and competitions. You can challenge yourself, others, and even form groups to complete the challenges together.

7 Minute Workout

Being pressed for time is one of the biggest obstacles most people have for not working out. Most workouts demand anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour set aside.

But even 5 minutes of exercises is better than nothing at all. So, this 7 Minute Workout really fits into most people's schedule. You can get ready, do your workout, and get cleaned up in 15 minutes.

In the app, you can choose various workouts, view videos of how to do the different techniques properly, and keep track of your workouts. You also don't need equipment to slow you down.


This app is available on any device but works better with iOS systems. This customizable plan lets you choose various different routines including HIIT workouts, working with equipment at your favorite gym, or starting at any body weight. On iOS systems, you can download and monitor your progress through the Apple watch.

The basic app is free, but you can choose a paid subscription to get customized coaching and personalized plans created just for you.


For visually-oriented people, this might be your best choice. This app recommends you use progress photos to achieve your goal. You can review the changes in your body to keep yourself motivated.

The app lets you create new workout routines based on your body fitness level, goals, preferred exercise time, and fitness style. In addition, it works with your current gym membership to help create exciting and different workouts to help keep you going.

Nike Training Club

Nike has probably one of the best and most varied library of workouts and training advice. With over 185 free workouts and training exercises, Nike lets you review different workouts ranging from gentle yoga to cardio boxing to strength training. Many of the trainers Nike uses for their professional athletes design and star in these videos.

With the paid version of this app, you get even more workouts, nutrition tips, and even advice from Nike trainers.

We hope these apps encourage you to work out more and get your fitness level up. It's one of the best ways to keep your body healthy and live a long life.