11 Ways To Keep Cool In Bed When The Temperature Is Hot

It's getting warm! And, if you're like me, you don't own an air conditioner. I live a bit north, where temperatures above 90 don't happen very often.

But, when they do, we can suffer!

Let's take a look at 11 ways I keep cool when the temperature starts to soar.

Open Windows – And Doors

A fresh breeze is one of the best things. It brings cool air and helps remove stagnation. Fans can help bring in the cooler air and keep it moving around.

Fresh air and keeping your windows open are also the best ways to help lower the risk of getting sick from viruses and bacteria.

Lose The Blankets

You don't need to sleep under the blankets, not even a sheet. They trap warm air, which is great in the winter, but not when it's warm.

Choose Cotton Sheets

Some materials breathe or allow air to pass through the fibers. Cotton is one of the best for this. Polyester, silk, and blends tend to retain heat. Thin cotton will help wick away moisture and allow fresh air to reach your skin, if you choose to sleep under the blanket.

Go Naked or In Cotton

If you can, shuck your clothes. That will allow the most amount of air to reach your skin to evaporate sweat off your body. But, if that's not comfortable or doable, choose lightweight cotton pajamas.

You can also choose moisture-wicking cloth, but many people have reported it's uncomfortable to sleep in.

Use A Cool Pack – Buckwheat Beads

cool offLike a hot water bottle in the winter, a cool pack helps keep you cool and feel good. Just make sure it's a cool pack, not a cold pack, otherwise, you're going to have a wet spot in your bed from the condensation.

Buckwheat grain cool packs work, too. These are small pillows filled with buckwheat. When chilled, they retain the lower temperature for longer periods and do not create condensation as plastic does. Buckwheat will mold to your body, so you can use it over a larger area.

Shower Just Before Bed

Washing off the sweat can make you feel cooler. It’s the temperature of the water that has people divided.

Taking a warm shower helps open up the blood vessels in your skin, which helps you release heat from your body. As a result, the air can feel cooler after you get out of the shower. But, some people find that quite uncomfortable.

Most people enjoy taking a cool shower. This lowers your core body temperature quickly, letting you feel cooler to fall asleep. But, that does cause your metabolism to go up a bit, resulting in a higher core body temperature that can make you sweat later on.

Drink More Water During The Day

waterWater is essential. Sweating is our way of cooling off and you need water for that. Drinking more water means you will sweat more, but you will feel cooler in the long run.

Eat Cooling Foods – Eat Lighter!

In the summertime, our metabolism changes and we don't require food to help generate heat. Foods such as salad, cucumbers, and fruit can fill us up and cool us down.

Avoid heavy meats in the evening, as they can stimulate your digestion and raise your core body temperature. Also, avoid eating too much because it can give you a heavy, dull feeling.

Avoid Alcohol

When you drink alcohol, it dilates your blood vessels, making you feel warmer. Although the overall effect does cool your inner body temperature, it's not an effective way to cool off.

Use A Frozen Towel

Take a dry towel, place it in a tight plastic bag and set it in your freezer for an hour before you go to bed. You can lay this towel over yourself to cool off quickly, which can help you get to sleep.

Some places recommend using a damp towel or one that's very lightly sprayed with water. However, we found that just leaves a wet bed, which is more uncomfortable than being warm.

Tie Your Hair Up

Human hair is a beautiful insulator and having a pile of it around your neck and face can make you feel hot. If you have longer hair, braiding it and keeping it up off your neck is an effective way to help keep you cool. Avoid bunching it at your neck, which can cause you to sleep uncomfortably and give you neck pain.

We hope you try some of these tips and stay cool this summer. Of course, we use most of these on warm days to help keep us cool.